looking at time

As an artist with over 40 years’ experience, I choreograph space: be that bodies in space (dance and movement theatre), inanimate objects in space (sets and prop elements) and sounds in space (sound installations). Since 2015 a major focus of my creative practice has been the choreographing of fabric in space (quilts).

I have also been called a storyteller. These quilts tell stories, stories that are infinite. It was said to me recently, when you look at my quilts, you are looking at time.

Thank you RANT Arts, Arts Tasmania, Devonport City Council, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Penny Carey Wells for curatorial advice and assistance.

01 Lucy in the sky $1,000
Anything you can do I can do better! (Not really!) I was however inspired to make this quilt when I saw the one my sister was making.

02 it’s me she said NFS
Simple but challenging. That was the enjoyment for me while making this quilt.
On loan from the collection of Julia Drouhin.

03 depends how you look $1,800
I’m constantly surprised by the illusions that can be achieved with just squares and triangles.

04 cabin in the woods $1,500
Log cabin quilts evoke for me a rustic romance, a desire to reconnect with nature and the simpler pleasures of life.

05 X marks the spot $1,250
Initially thinking I would never be able to use these fabrics, I’m now very fond of the ‘gentlemanly’ aura of this quilt.

06 diamonds are forever $1,250
In my dance theatre and sound work projects I have a passion for durational installations. I view this quilt as a durational work.

07 Cross CK7 $1,500
I’m drawn to simple but effective designs and find constant enjoyment in the fact that when you view a seemingly simple design your experience can actually be a complex one.

08 farm gate $1,250
The design for this quilt came from seeing how two incomplete blocks from another quilt I was working on at the time looked when they were placed together.

09 and in the brown corner $1,300
Mystery quilt designed by Ellen McGregor for members of the Launceston Patchworkers and Quilters Group.

10 real wild child NFS
I’ve been captivated for some time by the concept and intention of wagga quilts so thought I’d make one from some of my own clothing.
On loan from the collection of Elisa Carminati.

This quilt is inspired by the Ladies Lounge created by Kirsha Kaechele, Mona Hobart: a project that I have had the pleasure to be engaged with since December 2020.

12 remind you of me NFS
A friend gave me this fabric that she had bought in central Australia over 30 years ago when I told her I wanted to make something ‘Australian’ for a friend of mine in Austria.

13 wrap me up Scotty $1,800
Friendship stars speak to me of love, loss, hope and resilience. Life as they say, is a series of hellos and goodbyes.

14 love, truth & honesty $1,750
While making a traditional style of quilt I try to not only honour and respect the many quilters of history who have practiced their art before me but to also venerate their legacy.

15 the chains that bind $2,000
I recall my mother adoring roses hence my own fixation with their indescribable beauty and divine fragrance.

16 shattered nerves $1,500
This quilt has been constructed from the off-cuts of another quilt. What I enjoy about quilting is not only is nothing wasted, but what may have been considered waste is often transformed into an object of beauty that bears no relation to its predecessor.

17 forget-me-not $2,000
I must admit I have a fondness for hand sewing. There is little quite so satisfying as the time it takes to create a postage stamp quilt.