the Works

Tankwa Artscape Residency 2024
Tankwa Karoo South Africa, April 2024, supported by Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Arts Residency.

image by Jacki Bruniquel

City of Albany Artist-in-Residence
Albany WA May-June 2025,
hosted by the Vancouver Arts Centre.
The residency will be the catalyst for a new body of work to be exhibited in Albany at a later date.

image of Vancouver Arts Centre by Jenny Feast

The Weaver’s Cottages and Studios
Oatlands Tasmania
October 2022

I began this series with one idea but ended with another. Originally, I had the idea of referencing the iconic Ned Kelly paintings by Sidney Nolan but as I produced more of the pieces I began to contemplate and think more and more of my brothers and myself. As I continued to proceed producing pieces for the series it seemed to morph into what I now consider to be a succession of self-portraits. I’ve always considered art to be autobiographical. How can it not be? In my movement or sound works I have always been able to see myself even as others might not. I’m not afraid to admit this, it is a simple truth.

The title nothing is ever just black and white references the duality that is also a constant theme in my creative outcomes. That nothing is ever how it seems, that if you look at something from another angle, that seeming simplicity often conceals a greater complexity. Duality fascinates me. It’s a slippery chameleon. And interpretations are unlimited.

As I neared completing this series, I felt bereft. It was difficult for me to let go.
Is this the end or is it a beginning?

AiRspace Residency
Oatlands Tasmania
July 2022

My intention for this residency was to receive unused or superfluous fabric from members of the community to make a quilt that would then be gifted back to the community. One day, early on in the residency, a lady came forward with some fabric, telling me that she had been unable to throw it out and the reason why. A member of their community had been unwell, so a group of friends made her a quilt. The fabric she handed me was left over from the making of that quilt. She apologised for the vibrancy and boldness of the fabric, saying I didn’t have to use it, but she continued to tell me that their friend was like the fabric: vibrant, bold and full of life. She then informed me that their friend was now deceased.

I did incorporate the gifted fabric in what I have called the Oatlands Quilt, the quilt that I donated to the community of Oatlands. To me it has given life, even purpose to the quilt. Quilts are stories and I like to think that the story of their friend will continue in this quilt. I also hope that her friends enjoy the treasure hunt of identifying her fabric in the quilt.

looking at time
an exhibition by Invisible Practice
Devonport Tasmania
May 2022

looking at time was supported by RANT Arts, Arts Tasmania, Devonport City Council and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Thank you Penny Carey Wells for curatorial advice and assistance.

Out Back
a short film by Invisible Practice
Protons, Moonah Arts Centre
Hobart Tasmania
April 2022

Moonah Arts Centre
Hobart Tasmania

Vrystaat Kunstefees
Bloemfontein South Africa

Ten Days on the Island
Hobart Tasmania

Orchestra of Tongues
Vrystaat Kunstefees
South Africa

The Unconformity
Queenstown Tasmania

Salamanca Arts Centre
Hobart Tasmania

A-K, L-Z
Burgenlandische Tanztage
Oberwart Austria

Sing for Me!
Theatre Royal
Hobart Tasmania

Bahai Centre
Hobart Tasmania

City Hall
Hobart Tasmania

Salamanca Arts Centre
Hobart Tasmania

Theatre Royal
Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania